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Czech in Seattle

"Silvie is a patient
teacher with an
excellent sense of
humor – which one
needs in teaching
(or learning) a foreign language. She does a wonderful job of
catering to a student's needs and creating lessons that improve
the student in
those areas."

- Anne-Marie Davidson, Research Analyst

Local and international instruction available.

Face to face instruction:

    Czech Classes in Seattle in the United States

Distance instruction:

    Czech Classes online over Skype and email
    Czech Classes over the phone

Whether you want to speak Czech when you travel to the Czech Republic, or you want to communicate with your partner, relatives, and friends, I tailor lessons to your needs and interests.

Classes are interactive and fun. I focus on conversational Czech and developing listening and speaking skills. I spend a lot of time practicing pronunciation with my students so they feel confident speaking. We talk about various topics. I write up dialogues that serve as an inspiration to talk. We usually practice pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar in every session.

Students gain confidence in speaking with native Czech speakers when they visit the Czech Republic. They learn the proper pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar that enable them to carry on a conversation. They get a solid overview of language structure and are able to converse on many subjects.

I am based in Seattle in the state of Washington in the United States. I can meet people face to face in Seattle. For those who live outside the Greater Seattle area, I offer distance instruction online via Skype and email and over the phone.

I greatly enjoy working with people on an individual basis and in small groups. Teaching is my passion and I love to share my knowledge of my first language with people.

I use the following textbooks with most of my students:
Title: Cestina hrou (Czech for Fun)
Author: Susan Kresin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Primis Custom Publishing
ISBN: 0072455470
Pages: 566

The book is very comprehensive and comes with 2 tapes. It was used as a textbook at the University of Washington. You can purchase it on the Internet (

Title: Czech Step by Step: A Basic Course in the Czech Language for English Speaking Foreigners
Author: Lida Hola
Publisher: Fragment
ISBN: 8072004026
Pages: 288

There is also a workbook that students find helpful:

Title: Cestina hrou Pracovni sesit (Czech for Fun Workbook)
Author: Susan Kresin, Hope Subak-Kaspar
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Primis Custom Publishing
ISBN: 0070350132
Pages: 212

In addition to using the above textbooks, I provide individualized handouts based on what students need to learn and practice.

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