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"I am learning to sing a seven song cycle by Dvorak now. Silvie is helping me with my diction. She explained
the difference between using the soft pallet versus using the hard pallet and the correct tongue position and structures of the mouth involved in producing
the sounds. Also, she translated the songs
word by word and explained the meaning
of the lyrics very well.
She really has a good sense of poetry.
I strongly
recommend her."

- Joo-Young Jung,
DMA voice student

I use the following two textbooks with most of my beginner students. I highly recommend these books:

Title: Čeština hrou (Czech for Fun)
Author: Susan Kresin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Primis Custom Publishing
ISBN: 0072455470
Pages: 566
The book is very comprehensive and comes with 2 tapes.

Title: New Czech Step by Step
Author: Lida Hola
Publisher: Akropolis
ISBN: 8086903079
Pages: 240

There is also a workbook that students find helpful.
Title: Čeština hrou Pracovní sešit (Czech for Fun Workbook)
Author: Susan Kresin, Hope Subak-Kaspar
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Primis Custom Publishing
ISBN: 0070350132
Pages: 212

Here is a list of other textbooks for learning the Czech language:

Do You Want to Speak Czech? by Harry Putz, Elga Cechová, and Helena Trabelsiová
401 Czech Verbs by Bruce Davies and Jana Hejduková
Teach Yourself Czech by David Short
Contemporary Czech by Michael Heim
Colloquial Czech James Naughton
Say It in Czech by Milan Fryšcák
Czech Phrasebook by Nina Trnka
Berlitz Czech Phrase Book & Dictionary
Berlitz Czech Cassette Pack
Beginner's Czech by Iva Cerná & Jolana Machálek
Living Language: Fast & Easy Czech: The 60-Minute Survival Program/Audio Cassette
Czech in Three Months (Hugo Series/Book and Cassettes)
Indispensables - Czech edited by Janis M. Yates
A Practical Czech Course for English-Speaking Students by Miloš Sova
Learn Czech for English Speakers by J. Schwartz
Fast Track Czech Book by Dr. P. Leimbigler
Spoken Czech: Situational Dialogues for Intermediate Level Students (Book and 45 min video) by T. Dickins

Advanced textbooks for learning the Czech language:

Readings in Czech (UCLA Slavic Studies, Vol 13) by Michael Heim
Description of Spoken Prague Czech by Charles E. Townsend
A Geography of Case Semantics: The Czech Dative and the Russian Instrumental
(Cognitive Linguistics Research, No 4) by Laura A. Janda
Contributions to Functional Syntax, Sematics, and Language Comprehension (Linguistic and Literary Studies in Eastern Europe, Vol 16) by Petr Sgall
Reader in Czech Sociolinguistics (Linguistic and Literary Studies in Eastern Europe, Vol 23) by Jan Chloupek, Jirí Nekvapil
Czech Through Russian by Charles Edward Townsend
Studies in Functional Stylistics (Linguistic & Literary Studies in Eastern Europe, Vol 36) by Jan Chloupek, Jirí Nekvapil

Czech-English and English-Czech dictionaries:

English-Czech Dictionary: Medium format dictionary containing approx. 30,000 words. by J. Caha, J. Krasky
English-Czech and Czech-English Dictionary by I. Poldauf
Czech-English Technical Dictionary by Z. Bazant (a standard Czech-English technical dictionary containing approx. 78,000 words)
English to Czech Dictionary of Business and Legal Terms by Miroslav Kalina
From Hippocrene Books:
Czech-English Standard Dictionary by Ivan Poldauf
Czech-English Comprehensive Dictionary by Ivan Poldauf
Czech-English/English-Czech Concise Dictionary
Czech Handy Extra Dictionary
Czech Phrasebook
Czech travel phrasebooks:

Lonely Planet Czech Phrasebook: With Two-Way Dictionary by Eugenia Mocnay
Czech Phrase Book by Václav Rericha
Czech: A Rough Guide Phrasebook (Rough Guides) Lexus (Compiler)
Harrap's Czech Phrase Book by Václav Rericha

Books on strategies for learning a foreign language:

How to Learn a Foreign Language (A Speak Out, Write On! Book) by Arthur H. Charles Jr.
How to Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on Your Own by Barry Farber
Strategy and Skill in Learning a Foreign Language by Steven H. McDonough
Breaking the Language Barrier: Creating Your Own Pathway to Success by H. Douglas Brown
How to Learn a Foreign Language by Graham E. Fuller
Success With Foreign Languages: Seven Who Achieved It and What Worked for Them (Prentice-Hall International Language Teaching Methodology Series) by Earl W. Stevick
Help Your Child With a Foreign Language: A Parents' Handbook (Positive Parenting) by Opal Dunn
Becoming Bilingual: A Guide to Language Learning by Donald N. Larson, William A. Smiley
Yes! You Can Learn a Foreign Language by Marjory Brown-Azarowicz

Other books:

    The Best of Czech Cooking by Peter Trnka
    Treasury of Czech Love Poems, Quotations & Proverbs
    edited by Marcela Rýdlová-Ehrlich
    Castel of Prague and Its Treasures (238 color photographs, comprehensive survey of Prague Castle and its important art collections)
    Citypack Prague
    Discover Prague
    Essential Explorer Prague (300 illustrations)
    Eyewitness Travel Guides: Prague
    Fodor's Pocket Guide: Prague
    Insight Guide: Prague
    Michael's New Guide: Prague
    Baedeker City Guide: Prague
    Everyman Guide: Prague
    Berlitz Guide: Prague Pocket Guide
    Prague Walks by I. Edwards (Intimate walking tours, maps, photos, list of hotels)
    Rough Guide to Prague
    Thomas Cook Travellers Prague (200 illustrations)
    Off the Beaten Track guide: Czech & Slovak Republics by A. Beattie
    Czech & Slovak Republics Travel Survival Kit
    Crisis of Modernity by J. Satterwhite (Karel Kosik's essays and observations from the 1968 era)
    Czech Cubism by A. von Vegesack (Architecture, furniture, decorative arts)
    History of Czechoslovakia in Outline by J.V. Polisensky
    Magic Prague by A. Ripellino
    Managing in Emerging Market Economies by D. Fogel (Cases from the Czech & Slovak Republics)
    Alphons Mucha by D. Kusak and M. Kadlecikova
    Origins of the Czech National Renaissance by H.Agnew
    Prague: Hidden Splendors M. Theinhardt & P. Varejka (100 colour illustrations)
    Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova by T. Buechner (40 year collaboration in glass; with 107 full color and 100 b&w illustrations)
    Women of Prague: Ethnic Divesity and Social Change from the 18th Century to the Present by W. Iggers

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